Zentangle Classes = Community Connections

Zentangle® Classes = Community Connections

Special things happen when you take a Zentangle class.  You realize it's more than drawing.
You sit side by side with others and discover, together, how simple repetitive pen strokes evolve into unexpected designs. You learn how a little mini golf pencil, used just a certain way, can turn a flat image into something that looks like it’s curling right off the page.
Many people who take Zentangle classes will tell you their favorite part is the final step, when everyone puts their tiles together for a mosaic.
This final mosaic literally connects your art to that of your classmates. It’s a celebration of individual creativity and how, when all are brought together, they create an even larger work of art.  
Class participants talk with each other and appreciate what each person created. People then notice how one tile brings out nuances of the one next to it. In short, the final class mosaic creates a sense of community.  

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