"If you are looking for a teacher to deliver you information, you can find that pretty easily. If you are looking for a teacher to inspire, challenge and encourage you, then you must look a little further. Certified Zentangle Teacher, Elisa Murphy, has taken the Zentangle method into her own hands and put a personal twist on the creative practice that will leave you empowered and more aware of the artistry within you. With a light-hearted mix of emotional depth and 'let's not take ourselves too serious here', Elisa Murphy's classes are a delightful break from daily grind.."

Molly Hollibaugh
Product Development, Zentangle®
Certified Zentangle Teacher

"In the Spring of 2016 Artworks decided to offer a Journaling class, doing different types of art each month. One month Elisa was our teacher and she taught a Zentangle 101 class to us. From the first hour, I was hooked on this amazing form of artistic expression. I have fully embraced this art form and have created many wonderful gifts for family and friends.
Elisa is a very passionate and dedicated teacher and we totally enjoy our classes together. I am so very glad that I met her."

Gayle, a life long artist who found her creative home at Artworks

"My daughter has a chronic pain condition, I was amazed at her ability to forget her pain and focus while doing Zentangle.  It has brought her some comfort and peace in a very turbulent year.  She's proud of what she's created, and inspired every time whe meets with Elisa to do more complicated tangles.  She's gotten me doing it too, I love the versatility.  There's a reason it's called 'Zen'!"

Stacy and her 12 year old daughter

"Making a Zentangle, to me, is a time that there are no rules.  It is calming and it helps me relax.  It helps my often overwhelmed mind go where it wants to.  Thank you."

Hailey, age 13

"I find myself tangling more at times of emotional upheaval.  It slows me down.  It makes me focus and breathe.  It allows me to function during difficult times.  Plus, it's beautiful!"

Kelly, age 35

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