Class Descriptions

Zentangle® 101: An enjoyable class for not only beginners, but also experienced tanglers, as well!

After briefly talking about “where and how” the Zentangle® method was developed, students draw along with Elisa as she guides them through the eight basic steps to creating Zentangle. Participants are encouraged to find a relaxed focus while drawing simple, repetitive lines to create patterns called “tangles”. During class students surprise themselves as they see their lines start to take on complicated, intricate designs. By the end of class, those who didn’t think they were creative or could draw realize what they accomplished and discover that “anything is possible, on stroke at a time ™”. 

Zentangle® Beyond Basics

While still anchored in the fundamental concepts of the Zentangle method, Beyond Basics classes can go in many different artistic directions! A Beyond Basics class might focus on different ways to add color to enhance your art. Other classes include learning more about shading strategies or choosing tangles that flow together well. A Beyond Basics class is also where you’ll find classes that introduce black or Renaissance colored square tiles or round Zendalas, along with additional drawing materials that enhance them. If you’re looking for the Zentangle version of “Found Poetry”, this is where you’ll find that class as well! There really are endless possibilities for Beyond Basics classes, so check them out often!

Special Events Info 

Have a special event in mind? Whether you are an experienced “Tangler” or would like to experience it for the first time we can help you host a fantastic Zentangle Event. A private Zentangle Event is perfect for:
Birthday Parties
Scouting Badges
Off Site Business Outings
Couples Night
Family Reunions
Friends Night Out
And More!
Private Events can be held at Artworks Studio in Hopedale Ma. or at your location. Special events can be held with as few as 5 participants.

Contact Elisa to find out more.

Zentangle® Inspired Art (ZIA)  

I think of these classes as art or craft classes with aspects of Zentangle throughout. Past ZIA classes include tangled pendants, tote bags, river stones (thought rockz), wine glasses, wooden canvasses, vellum lampshades, chalk boards, holiday ornaments and even three foot tall Christmas trees! These classes are lively, fun and perfect for parties and fundraising events!

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